Care For Whom, Exactly, NeighborsGo?

Are those the hands of a prostitute? Photo: NeighborsGo Every Friday morning, I walk into the office, open the Dallas Morning News, and pull out the Park Cities/ North Dallas/ Oak Lawn/ Uptown/ maybe another neighborhood? version of NeighborsGo, and flip through to see what we missed. It’s usually a mix of sussed-up press releases, fun photos, and reporting. It does its job, and I like reading it.

Today, when I reached the back page, I saw the above advertisement, for C.C. Young Home Health and Hospice Services. Does no one copy edit these things? No one caught that “Care For Ho{me}” may be misread as “Care For Prostitute?”

Now, we’re not above grammatical errors, but this seems like an oversight on a few ends. Most of all: Those are not the hands of a h*. Not enough nail polish.

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One thought on “Care For Whom, Exactly, NeighborsGo?

  • July 6, 2012 at 11:55 am

    I think it is supposed to read as both “care for home” and “care for me.” Maybe?

    I think it’s an attempt at a double meaning, but separating out that particular word just doesn’t translate well.


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