Columnist Blames SMU For Penn State’s Troubles

Jason Whitlock is a race-baiting, mildly-controversial nimrod. His columns are designed to needle and dig, in a way that would make a kindergartener wince. He’s — in a word — terrible.

His latest opus is dedicated to Penn State. His thesis:

I just know SMU’s death penalty didn’t slow under-the-table recruiting. What it did was make the reward for pretending to have integrity greater. The Pony Express begat Paterno State. Penn State self-righteously chanted “We Are!” and donated record sums of cash because its football-crazed alums and fan base fell for the myth that Joe Paterno had more integrity than his peers.

If you want to read the rest of the piece, head here. But we have such precious time on earth, so maybe go hug your kid or have a beer instead.

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