Northaven Trail is on a Funding Walkabout

Made it out to Northaven Trail yet? The Park and Recreation Board recently signed off on a $374,000 trailhead for the hike-and-bike path, which opened in March and runs just north of Royal Lane, from Central Expressway to Preston Road.

In short, the trailhead will be parking lot — one where people can lock and repair bikes, fill water bottles, and lets dogs do their business. And it probably would’ve come sooner, if city staff and Oncor (which owns most of the property) hadn’t gone back and forth about its location.

That said, Dallas County is chipping in to extend Northaven to White Rock Creek Trail, and the next bond issue calls for about a mile’s worth of paving for a westward extension. Northaven Trail has — in planners’ dreams — been slated to run all the way to Irving. Funding is tight, however, so that idea could be shelved indefinitely.

I’ll have more details in Friday’s paper.

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