Gentleman, Start Growing Those Beards. Septembeard Is Here

We’ve all heard of No Shave November: the month you get to grow your beard out as long as you want as a universal celebration of masculinity. (I’ve done it, although my beard doesn’t grow as well as I’d like it to)

But if you can’t wait for November to get here, there is now another reason to keep up the scruff. Septembeard is an organization focused on eradicating prostate cancer, and a Septembeard Mixer will be held at The Gents Place‘s Preston Hollow Club Lounge Sept. 30 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Teaming up with Equinox Fitness Clubs, the event will encourage clients to participate by growing solo, starting a team, or by simply offering financial donations. At the event, there will be free straight razor shaves or beard trims, complimentary beverages, and cigars available for purchase.

To sign up, email Jennifer Berry at [email protected]

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