W.T. White Hosts First of Three Blood Drives Today; Reporter Tells Awkward Personal Story

Before I’d ever donated blood — and whenever I had some small amount drawn at the doctor’s office — I always did the “watch out, I might faint/gag/look like I’m going into labor, even though that’s absurd and possibly insulting to people in the health care field” thing.

At one point, a nurse even gave me her last Slim-Fast before throwing her head back and absolutely screaming for a coworker “come he’p this lady.” Things were getting dysfunctional.

So when a blood van rolled up outside the D Magazine/People Newspapers office a couple of years ago, I finally jumped onboard, like, “Get over this. Today.”

My colleagues were around, for starters, so whimpering or fleeing wasn’t an option (Step 1). Nice people were coming out of the woodwork, and a cute man gave me attention and free snacks, all while Color Me Badd played on the stereo. The heebie-jeebie were gone, because I saw how much blood a person can lose and still be fine. Best part: That donation was enough to save three lives, according to a tech on the bus. Three.

My long-delayed point? Giving blood is worth it, even if you think you’re a weenie. You’re not.

And here’s your shot:  W.T. White High School is hosting a blood drive from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. today — the first of three such events this school year — and staffers are trying to rally every senior to participate. Members of the public too, of course.

Seniors who donate twice between now and graduation will get red cords to wear when they walk the stage, even if said blood is actually from another person’s arm but given in the W.T. White kid’s name. You don’t have to be on campus to do that, in fact; just head to any Carter Blood Care location around town.

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