In an Epic Battle, The Avengers Lose to Transformers

A surprisingly apt photo for such a specific blog post. Source: Wikipedia

Earlier this month, The Arbor announced that the city would show The Avengers in Goar Park, on Oct. 13, as part of its “Movie in the Park” series.

“Great,” I thought. “A wonderful choice.”

Then I headed over to yesterday, and found this announcement: “Last fall’s event was such a success, the city has decided to host another autumn screening in the beautiful surroundings of Goar Park. This year’s movie is Transformers – Dark of the Moon.”


Trading in the second-best superhero movie of the summer for an average crushed metal-scantily clad woman flick? Et tu, Steve Mace?

“It had to do with Brent Jones, assistant park director,” he said. “He was working through what movies were available and how many days after they’re released from the production house that we can show them. And they had to change it.”

Rats. I was hoping for some sort of internal battle at City Hall about the film of choice. I envisioned Mayor Dick Davis putting his foot down and demanding Transformers, while city manager Bob Livingston expressed his boyhood desire to be Captain America.

Jones, Mace said, works months in advance on this series and the city’s Dive-In movie series, and production companies generally don’t release films for public viewing until its DVD is released.

So, moral of the story: free movie, Goar Park, Oct. 13, 7:30 p.m. Guess I’ll watch The Avengers at home.

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