Village Baking Company to (Finally) Open Retail Spot

Took them long enough, didn’t it?

After nine years of baking the city’s best bread, Village Baking Company will soon open a retail location, just across Central Expressway from University Park. From Village Bakery, according to my gurl Carol at SideDish:

Now, after operating our wholesale bakery supplying breads to restaurants throughout the DFW metroplex and bringing our goods to the local farmers’ markets on the weekends, we’ve decided to open a retail shop. Over the years, the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response we’ve received from our passionate and ever-growing farmers’ market customers, has inspired [owner] Clint Cooper to expand his initial vision and open a store-front that will make his breads and pastries available to everyone year-round.

The shop will sit at 5531 East University Boulevard, and open Oct. 4.

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