Neighbor Wants To Rally Against Porch Thefts

Every so often, avid readers will send in comments and concerns to us here at People Newspapers. Yesterday, a concerned resident of Lively Lane — under the pseudonym, Anonymously Yours — sent in some thoughts about recent front porch thefts and burglaries in the Old Preston Hollow area.

Over the past two to four weeks, Anonymously Yours said the porch thefts have happened at homes off of Lively Lane, Woodfin Drive, and Brookview Drive.

The crux of the message falls mainly on how the community can come together to deter theft. My suggestion would be to join your neighborhood association — which would likely be a part of Rockbrook Estates Neighbohood for Lively Lane and Woodfin Drive, Radbrook Estates Neighborhood for Brookview Drive — and, if one isn’t available, start it.

That way crime watch groups can be formed, neighbors can be aware of trends, and even programs such as off-duty police patrols can be made possible.

Regardless, things won’t happen if you stay hidden online in your homes. Get out, meet your neighbors, and work together to limiting crime in your area.

If you haven’t taken this opportunity to tell us on what’s happening in your neighborhood — event, issue, or general thoughts — I highly recommend that you do.

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