SMU Sororities Arrange Self-Defense Class

Megan Phillips gets a lesson from Chris Valentine. (Photo: Courtesy of Chamberlain Studios)

Given all of the reports of sexual assault on the Hilltop, Chamberlain Studios of Self Defense — In partnership with the Panhellenic Sororities of SMU — will host a free self-defense class at 4:30 p.m. Monday in Burleson Park.

Nick Chamberlain, founder and owner of  Chamberlain Studios, will be teaching the participants various techniques, such as how to fight back in a potential attack, but all in a very basic and understandable way. “We’re not training you to be cage fighters,” Nick joked, but the idea behind it is very serious. If attacked, Chamberlain said, women should turn sideways, raise their arms, and claw their fingers as they yell, “No!” From there, they should strike the attacker’s neck, groin, and face repeatedly.

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