Big Day Approaches For Kid Conductor

The trains are coming, the trains are coming!

Okay, enough of the Paul Revere thing. We know that you know that The Trains at NorthPark opens to the public this Saturday. What you may not know is that the exhibit will officially open at the whistle of 4-year-old “Kid Conductor” Lila Grace Ruiz, who has stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas with her family while undergoing treatment. To learn more about Lila, you can follow the blog that her mother writes to keep friends, family, and well-wishers up to date on her little girl’s journey, or become an “Angel for Lila” by joining this Facebook page. And, of course, you can pick up a copy of this week’s Park Cities People.

Lila is a beauty, and we wish her all the joy and laughter in the world as she opens one of the most anticipated family events of the holiday season on Saturday morning. All aboard!

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