HPISD Gifts: Thanksgiving Edition

It’s technically just the November edition, but hey. Trustees used words like “thanks” and thankful” quite a bit when this sum of donations — worth nearly $809,000 in total — came through.

And beware, because this list really is huge, in word-count as well as in meaning.

$183,366 in funds and in-kind donations from the Hyer PTA for 20 different uses, including technology and computer supplies ($82,918), individual classroom supplies ($22,000), tuition reimbursement for teachers’ grad-school classes ($15,000), new carpets and furniture ($4,474), and an “ecological pond” for the school’s courtyard ($3,709)

$158,640 from the McCulloch Intermediate School/Highland Park Middle School PTA for technology supplies at HPMS ($60,648) and McCulloch ($58,808); technology, teacher-workroom, and instructional materials to be shared by the joint campuses ($36,903); and instructional supplies at McCulloch ($2,281)

$128,500 from the Highland Park Sports Club, to go toward HPISD’s general budget

$114,000.14 from the Bradfield PTA for technology ($49,517.14), instructional support ($17,340), and a hodgepodge of other purposes including copier lease maintenance ($6,000; numbers like this always make me do a double-take, despite the fact that they’re high anywhere and everywhere), buses for field trips ($3,000), hand sanitizer (Purell, to be exact, at $2,500), and clinic upgrades ($1,560)

$84,521 from the Highland Park High School PTA to meet teachers’ requests ($61,521) and be spent at the principal’s discretion ($10,000); as well as for staff development ($9,000), and technology ($4,000)

$59,998 from the Bradfield Dads’ Club for 157 new iPads ($59,503) and 18 iPad covers ($495)

$49,628 from the Highland Park Education Foundation for video conferencing ($23,388), student desktop computers ($21,440), teachers’ computer stations ($2,800), and virtual desktops ($2,000)

$23,399 from HP Arts for a pair of Gil Clark violins and violin accessories at the high school ($5,000), more than 25 hired presenters for the Highland Park Literary Festival ($5,000), four Mac computers at the high school ($3,871), five “guest artists teaching folk dancing” at the high school ($2,000), a Franz Hoffman double bass and accessories ($1,499) at HPMS/MIS, music software for kindergarten through eighth grades ($1,390 from Bradfield PTA funds), $1,250 for a kiln (Armstrong Elementary) an Epson printer for the high school’s photography department ($1,139); and an improv workshop ($1,000), stage-combat workshop ($650), and “advanced dance injury prevention” clinic ($600), all at HPHS

… plus an additional, separately noted $8,399 check from HP Arts for a stage-combat workshop ($300) and three French horns at the middle school ($6,600), plus another Franz Hoffman double bass with accessories ($1,499) for the MIS/HPMS orchestra; as well as $5,000 bring in the Highland Park Literary Festival’s keynote speaker, and support his or her workshop

And finally, $1,250 to paint the MIS/HPMS supply room and outfit it with a display case

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