HP Council Weighs Town Hall Water Features

With all the new construction prepared for Highland Park Town Hall, the council discussed the future landscaping features for a plaza at its entrance.

A presentation from landscaping consultant John Armstrong showed two possible versions of the plaza to council members on Tuesday. One with fountains and intricate tile flooring. The other with planters instead of fountains and colored concrete walkways.

Town administrator Bill Lindley said adding the fountains, tiling, and other features could dictate $1 million to $1.5 million worth of improvements to the $500,000 currently budgeted. He said funds are available for the project, and some residents have expressed interest in donating money to spruce up the place for the town’s centennial celebration.

It all comes down to whether the council wants to spend a little more to match with the Town Hall’s existing Spanish-Colonial design; the theme calls for the water features and colorful tile walkways. Also, I found out that apparently fountains were implemented in that architectural style to cool the air surrounding entrances. Who knew?

Regardless of their decision on adding the fountains, the layout of the plaza won’t change.

Pick up this week’s Park Cities People for more on the plaza’s features.

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