McDonald’s Encourages Students Eat Healthy Breakfasts Before State Testing This Week

If you don’t mind your kids being late tomorrow for the STAAR test, or if they’re juniors, the TAKS test, swing on by the McDonald’s on Lovers Lane near the Dallas North Tollway from 9 to 10:30 a.m., where a spokesperson will be announcing a free breakfast giveaway event in honor of state testing.

I’m not sure why they chose a time period after most students are already in school for the conference, as it seems to me that if they want to encourage good test scores, encouraging prompt attendance might be important.

To top off bad planning, officials will also be handing out pens and notebooks. I’m pretty sure No. 2 pencils are the only acceptable utensil for filling in Scantrons, and if I recall correctly all notebooks are banned from being used during testing.

That said, encouraging having a good breakfast before hunkering down for hours of testing is a good idea. Parents and students can receive one free healthy breakfast between tomorrow and Thursday. Having taken my fair share of TAKS and TAAS tests, oatmeal and apples sounds as good a power breakfast as any. Good luck students!

Update 4/26: A McDonald’s rep called to correct me that the event on Tuesday was to announce to the media the giveaways this week. Students received coupons in school last week to take home to their parents to use any time this week if they chose. McDonald’s also donates school supplies all year long.

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