Friends of Northaven Trail Survey Candidates

In the May 3 edition of the paper, I have a brief story on how the Northaven Trail has become an issue in the campaign for the District 11 seat on the City Council. Lee Kleinman was a member of the Park and Recreation Board when the trail was established, and he played a key role in forming the Friends of Northaven Trail organization. His opponent, Ori Raphael, keeps bringing up trails funding as something that could be cut to better finance police patrols, libraries, and street repairs.
Coincidentally, as I was finishing up this story, Friends of Northaven Trail president Warren Parham sent me a survey that his group conducted. They posed questions to the District 11 candidates, as well as the leading candidates in District 13, Leland Burk and Jennifer Staubach Gates. (Burk’s and Raphael’s names are misspelled on the first page.)

Friends of the Northaven Trail survey by Dan Koller

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