Tiffany Houghton Covers Fall Out Boy? Sweet

My latest musical obsession is Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark.” While riding home on the train last night, I was searching YouTube for a version of the song that would play on my crappy, antiquated phone. That’s how I discovered that University Park’s own Tiffany Houghton recorded herself doing a cover. While her version doesn’t quite make me want to drive a car at dangerous speeds like the studio version does, and her falsetto on “I’m on fire” doesn’t really make me hearken back to the big-time deviltry of my head-banging days, it’s awfully pretty.

I wonder if Tiffany and others in her generation understand what’s being referenced by all of the visual craziness in this version of the song from Conan. For my people my age (damn near 40) and older, it brought back fond memories.

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