‘Twilight’ Star Debuts Jewelry Line at NorthPark

Nikki Reed Starry Knight
Reed models her Starry Knight necklace and earrings.

Parish Episcopal senior Claire Criss is shadowing me this week for her senior project, and wrote this post about actress Nikki Reed’s new jewelry line. 

Walk through NorthPark’s 7 For All Mankind, and it is abundantly clear why Nikki Reed’s jewelry was chosen for the store.  Best known for her part as Rosalie in the Twilight saga, Reed has now added jewelry-designer to her chain of talents.  Launching this week in Dallas, Mattlin Era — Reed’s label — is a great addition for all jewelry lovers.  With a unique look and a price point of less than $100, the collection is sure to be a hit.

Reed agreed to lend her name to the five-piece line just a few months ago, and the day her manager called about the opportunity, she put twelve sketches together in a matter of hours. The Starry Knight necklace and matching earrings are inspired by 7 For All Mankind’s Photo Real jeans, which are embellished with Swarovski crystals. The pieces really compliment the jeans, making the collection even more appropriate for the store.

Reed credits her grandmother, Laurie, as her biggest inspiration, and even used her maiden name to title the collection. The Hollywood-muralist’s aquatic works influenced many of Reed’s pieces. “She’s a very strong, very beautiful, glamorous … very spirited woman,” Reed says.

Reed also looks to her husband, former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald, for inspiration.  Jewelry-making has always been a part of their relationship, stemming from the wedding rings the couple designed themselves through Tacori.  While spending time with her new husband, Reed took a cue from his wardrobe, making denim shirts her signature look.

“I designed…[the Starry Knight] necklace in particular because I have been wearing denim,” she says, fingering the series of spikes around her neck. “It makes you feel a little bit masculine, and I couldn’t find a necklace to go under a denim shirt, so I kind of selfishly designed this piece.” McDonald occasionally wears Reed’s jewelry too, proving the collection to truly be unisex.

Whether it’s the long Humility necklace with a gold honeycomb pendant and matching earrings, the dark silver daggers of the Starry Knight combination, or the tri-metal Story Telling bangle set, Nikki Reed’s Mattlin Era jewelry will stand out in a crowd and complete any look.

— Claire Criss

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  • May 15, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    Great story, Claire!

  • May 15, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    Way to go, Claire!


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