Running For Their Lives in Forney, Texas

Out of curiosity, and because I have never been to one before, I photographed my first Run For Your Lives 5k obstacle race in Forney over the weekend. The catch to this race is that volunteers, decked out as zombies, with full makeup and dress are chasing the competitors. If you have never been, it is muddy, so you will get dirty, you most likely will not keep the tennis shoes you brought, and it is a workout. The description on the event website pretty much sums it up. This obstacle course race is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. And hopefully, it won’t be your last. Waiting at the end of this zombie infected 5k—aside from a possible brain craving—is an apocalypse party to die for. Celebrate your survival or imminent zombie transformation at this one-of-a-kind festival complete with food, live bands, a DJ, and of course beer. Events are held all over the country. Upcoming races are about to hit New Jersey, Indiana, Colorado and Minnesota. Now if I can just get someone in Oak Cliff to organize one we are set. Preferably someone that owns a lot of farm land.

zombie run 27

Zombie Run 2

Zombie Run 5

zombie run 22

zombie run 6

zombie run 16

zombie run 13

Zombie Run 4


zombie run 12


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