It’s Friday, Friday

On a scale of one to Rebecca Black, how happy are you that it’s Friday? Well Dude, Sweet Chocolate wants to make your Fridays even sweeter with their new chocolate delivery service. Here’s how it works – order online (at least two days in advance) and D,SC will deliver the goods straight to your (or my) door. Here’s some advice from Robert Keeler, chief operations manager, on what to order right now:

“Right now the most popular items are ‘crack in the box’ – it’s a chocolate bark form with macadamia, almonds, soy, and hazelnuts in dark chocolate – and a ‘chocolate salami’, which has no meat in it. But it looks like salami and cuts like salami, and people love to eat it with red wine.”

If the chocolate salami has no meat in it, count me in!

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