Week Two: Blondes vs. Brunettes Powder Puff

The Bru Crew's pool party at the Avery.
The Bru Crew’s pool party at the Avery.

For the next seven weeks staff writer Margaux Anbouba will be practicing with the Brunette Team (aka the “Bru Crew”) for the Alzheimer’s fundraiser Blondes vs. Brunettes powder puff football game. Stop by every week to get the scoop on how practice, parties, and everything Blondes vs Brunettes is going. 

The Bru Crew had quite a busy weekend. On Saturday we had our “Brunettes Do It Better” pool party at the Avery. Basically, this was what I imagined “college parties” were like when I was in high school (too bad I went to Rhodes). I’ll dwell more on the radness of the pool party in next week’s People Watching column. For those of you wondering, yes, that will also include photos of the Bru Crew in bikinis.

Sunday morning the more ambitious members of the Crew started out with brunch bright and early — an event I didn’t make it to because I was stuffing my face with Dish’s brisket eggs benedict (delicious, but not the best pre-practice meal).

I woke up from a food-coma nap fifteen minutes before practice, and somehow made it to Norbuck Park only five minutes late. Laila Sarvarian, a Camp Gladiator trainer, was filling us in on the details of our weekly warm-up. Let me tell you — they are intense. I was trying to hide the fact that I was seriously winded, but knew I was unsuccessful after one of the trainers yelled at me “feeling tired, Anbouba?” Great. My ruse as an athlete had definitely been blown.

My presence on the defense has been confirmed, as well as my position — I’ll be playing the center. I was originally assigned as a linebacker, but I was not having any of that. So, center is it. I didn’t even have to move most of the time I spent practicing, so I think this is a good position for me.

After our warm up drills we worked on things like backpedaling, interceptions, and flag pulling. During my attempt at an interception tragedy struck. I jammed my left hand ring finger while catching a pass straight from the biceps of Coach Art Carrillo himself. It still looks like a giant purple sausage, but don’t worry, I won’t let this horrible injury keep me from the hard-hitting (get it?) news.

The rest of the practice was spent playing “real” flag football — aka 8 on 8. Our quarterback, Michelle “Rowdy” Rowden, was tossing balls right, left, down the middle, behind, and pretty much anywhere else she could to get a touchdown. But the defense held its ground. I even pulled a flag! All and all, it was a successful Bru Crew practice.

Coach Art cancelled next weeks practice due to my injury (just kidding it’s because of the Fourth of July celebrations), so instead of the blog post, you’ll have to pick up a Park Cities People for the Blondes vs. Brunettes scoop.

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