T-Minus Eight Months Until Belk Hits Dallas

Ever heard of Belk? Unless you do a lot of shopping in small towns or the suburbs, probably not. You’ve more likely heard of the Belk Bowl. No? Anyone?

Anyway, I could try to explain what Belk is, but it’d be easier to just quote the chain’s website:

Since 1888, the Southern woman has come to rely on Belk first, for her, for her family, for life. What began as a small bargain store in Monroe, N.C., has grown into the nation’s largest privately held department store. Founder William Henry Belk’s dedication to friendly service, fair prices, and community involvement hasn’t changed — in fact, it’s stronger than ever.

Why am I telling you this? Because signs inside Galleria Dallas indicate that the mall will get the city’s first Belk store on the very specific date of April 9, 2014. Mark your calendars.

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