Check Out ‘Glamorous Retreats’ of PH Residents

W Residence_2
image courtesy of Jan Showers

On Oct. 1 interior designer and Turtle Creek resident Jan Showers will be releasing her second book, Glamorous Retreats. Inspired by her work in the interior design industry, this book is an ideal mate to her first book Glamorous Rooms.

In it, Showers shows off some of her favorite projects that she has completed since the printing of her first book.

“There were several projects I did that have never been published: second, third, and even sometimes fourth homes of clients,” Showers told me during an interview in August for our Home & Design section. “More like vacation or retreat homes. There are tweleve beautiful projects in the book from all over: Nantucket, Harbor Island, Palm Beach.”

Two of the featured retreats are owned by Preston Hollow Residents.

While the Schlegel family’s retreat isn’t far from home (it’s the 29th floor of the W Hotel, to be exact), it’s still a glamorous retreat. From the ideal location next to American Airlines center, to the breathtaking view’s of the Dallas skyline, the Schlegel’s apartment is the ideal party pad.

The other home is ranch owned by the Engstrom family located in Glen Rose, Texas.

This book is heavy on the inspiration side, even if you aren’t trying to furnish your second, third, or fourth home. It’s the perfect way to take a look into your neighbor’s vacation home — without having to be invited.


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