Ebby Halliday Companies Help Food Bank Deal With Shutdown

The North Texas Food Bank is getting fewer shipments due to the federal government’s shutdown. (Staff photo: Chris McGathey)

It’s been more than a week since the federal government shut down, and institutions across the nation are closed or stymied in response.

More than 1,300 miles away from the Capitol, the North Texas Food Bank is suffering. In the next five months, the food bank is scheduled to receive 134 truckloads of USDA food to give out to the hungry. In the past week, 10 of those truckloads have been cancelled, and another 36 are in limbo.

“Families who depend on these benefits to feed their children will be most hurt,” said Jan Pruitt, president and CEO of the food bank. “This is totally unacceptable in modern-day America.”

The food bank will not suffer in silence; otherwise, the people who it helps every day will go hungry. Instead, food bank leaders are asking the community for help.

The Ebby Halliday Companies are among the first businesses to answer that plea, and the staff there wants to make it as easy as possible for the public to donate.

“The North Texas Food Bank always needs our support,” said Randall Graham, vice president and director of marketing for the Ebby Halliday Companies. “We contacted them and said we want to help, and they said our timing was really good because they are in desperate need for help and that the shelves are bare.”

Through Nov. 17, the company will be having a canned food drive at all of its 25 offices across North Texas. The charitable event is taking place in conjunction with Ebby’s fall marketing campaign, “The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home.”

“As we were celebrating the home and family, meals, and all of the things that surround the kitchen, we felt like we should focus on those who are less fortunate,” Graham said. “We are using it as an opportunity to get the message out that we need to do what we can for the less fortunate. That’s how the food campaign started.”

For those who can’t make it to an Ebby Halliday location, financial donations can be made online at ntfb.org. Every dollar truly counts, because one dollar provides three meals to a hungry person in the Dallas area.

The food bank is about to enter its busy season with the holidays coming up. With a little help, its staff will be able to continue distributing 1 million pounds of food per month to those in Dallas who cannot provide for themselves.

3 thoughts on “Ebby Halliday Companies Help Food Bank Deal With Shutdown

  • October 10, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Thanks, Pete Sessions.

  • October 11, 2013 at 10:36 am

    Did Pete help organize this outreach by Ebby?

  • October 15, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Pete’s outreach is aimed at keeping the government closed and causing a default. From dallasnews.com:

    Rep. Pete Sessions slammed the brakes today on a key hearing needed before members can vote on a House GOP plan to end the shutdown. . . . Shortly before the Rules Committee meeting was postponed, conservative advocacy group Heritage Action for America came out against the House bill.


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