8-Story Building Proposed Near Abbott Park

The owners of the Saltillo Apartments, a two-story building on Cole Avenue behind Abbott Park, are seeking a zoning change that would allow them to build an eight-story apartment building. Highland Park officials have all kinds of problems with this, so they’re asking the town’s residents to lobby Dallas officials in advance of the City Plan Commission‘s Dec. 19 hearing on the matter. (The hearing was originally scheduled for Nov. 21, but it was delayed at the town’s request.)

One thought on “8-Story Building Proposed Near Abbott Park

  • September 25, 2015 at 10:03 am

    I can only chuckle..Mayor Williams. I was curious if you have ever jogged, walked, or taken any of your time to visit the alley behind Abbott Park. So there is no confusion, this alley is HP City property.

    What makes me chuckle is the quote from the above article…”Highland Park officials have all kinds of problems with this..” It just goes to show what one sided and minded folks are on our town council.

    Have you ever seen the HP property that backs up to the Katy Trail, and next to this new development that is loaded with junk, trash, etc. to the hilt? How can you Mayor complain about this new development when you have done zilch to clean up this property allowed to fester probably all kind of rodents?

    Forgive me but my lack of words only lead me to cry hypocrisy about you. And you think that is your only problem in this area that has been present for years?

    I would say, Mayor Williams, quit harassing folks who at least are building very nice building (and clean one),… and look and take care of your own issues in HP. In other words..mind your town’s business.

    I invite any reporter from the PCP and/or the DMN to allow me to show what I have seen daily while jogging.


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