SMU Grad Dabbles in Mythical Archaeology

Courtesy of Ro2 Art
Courtesy of Ro2 Art
SMU graduate Joshua Goode has a solo exhibition opening this Saturday evening at Ro2 Art, a gallery operated by Highland Park High School alum Jordan Roth and his mother, Susan Roth Romans. The show is called “Artifacts from the Burial Site of the Unicorn T-Rex,” and it includes pieces like the one seen here, which is called Adolescent Unicorn T-Rex Skull with “No Fear” Bedazzlement, BCE 15,000.

Here’s Goode’s “artist’s statement” for this exhibit:

“Taking on the role of an archaeologist, I research, document, and rebuild the legacy of an imaginary ancient civilization. I create staged archaeological excavations and present artifacts (small sculptures and paintings). Many of the artifacts I discover are broken, and I re-imagine how they were originally put together and what their purpose in this past society was. They often become strange combinations of identifiable objects such as toys, tools, and other items from contemporary American culture. I invent stories and historical context for the artifacts, conjuring an idea of the daily life of these forgotten people.

“The mythology that results is part fiction and part fact, populated by heroes, monsters, rites, and rituals. It is a mutation of my history crossed with the mythologies of cultures that succeeded at creating lasting vestiges of their own identities. I borrow their story-telling devices and strategies to freeze, document, and rewrite my life and history. This endeavor is both self-aggrandizing and absurd, an attempt to balance the weight of uncertainty with a lasting legacy and illusion of permanence.”

I think this exhibit, which will be on display through March 30, is going to blow my 5-year-old’s mind. See you there?

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