Retailers Should Be Wary of Red Toyotas

I’m compiling our Park Cities Police Report email, which is based on information submitted separately by the police in Highland Park, University Park, and Dallas. In the process, I noticed a mini-crime spree.

At 3:15 p.m. on March 3, an officer was notified of a theft in progress at the Ralph Lauren store in Highland Park Village. Employees said a man entered the store, took several items from a table just inside the front door, grabbed a duffel bag, and then ran outside and jumped into a red Toyota Tercel, which sped away from the scene.

The stolen items included four pairs of khaki pants with a total value of $1,580, two gray cashmere fleeces with a total value of $2,570, and the olive canvas/brown leather duffel bag valued at $1,250. The thief dropped four olive shirts with a total value of $1,400 in his haste to escape.

Witnesses said the thief was white. But at 12:50 p.m. on March 6, a black man entered Culwell & Son on Hillcrest Avenue, grabbed 15 pairs of pants with a total value of $2,625, and walked out of the store. The thief fled in a red Toyota, but the University Park report doesn’t specifically say it was a Tercel.

What do we think, readers? Do we have an ebony-and-ivory team of couture crooks operating in the Park Cities? Maybe they take turns regarding who does the grabbing and who does the driving.

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