Leigh Bailey’s Going to Come Knockin’

Things have been eerily quiet on the District 108 campaign trail. As far as I know, Republican voters are still scheduled to choose between Morgan Meyer and Chart Westcott in a May 27 runoff. But I’m not seeing any tweets or mailers from either camp.

Nonetheless, Democrat Leigh Bailey, who will face the winner of said runoff in November, has announced that she and her supporters will be going door to door on Saturday to get the word out. The crew plans to fan out from her house, which is near Highland Park High School, at 10 a.m. So if you also live near that campus, prepare for visitors.

In other news regarding the left side of the political spectrum, the Park Cities/Central Dallas Democrats are hosting a forum for the runoff candidates for Dallas County district clerk (Tarsha Hardy and Felicia Pitre) and Dallas County treasurer (Pauline Medrano and Bennie Brown). The fur will start flying at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday at the University Park Public Library.

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