Top Toppers Honored at Mad Hatter’s Tea

(Photo: Monica Lake)
Nancy Keene, Karen Goodman, Betty Nelson, and Libby Zerner (Photos: Monica Lake)
Joani White and Sheri Kern
Joani White and Sheri Kern

Here are the ladies (and gentleman) who were honored for the headgear they sported at the Mad Hatter’s Tea held Thursday at the Dallas Arboretum:

* Fashionistas founder Heidi Dillon presented the “My Favorite Things: Chic Couture” prize to Jewel Williams.

* Michael Faircloth of Michael Faircloth Designs presented the “Yellow Rose of Texas: Most Elegant” prize to Carmen Godwin.

* Patti Flowers of Patti Flowers Design Studio presented the “Do Re Mi: Most Creative Use of Botanical Materials” prize to LeeAnne Locken.

* Sam Ratcliffe, head of Bywaters Special Collections in SMU’s Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library, presented the “Do Re Mi: Most Creative use of Natural Materials” prize to Julie Kanaan.

* Gary Riggs, interior designer and artist, presented the “Over the Rainbow: Most Colorfully Flamboyant” prize to Faye Briggs.

* Channel 4 news anchor Clarice Tinsley presented the “Edelweiss: A Vintage Look” prize to Libby Zerner.

* Tinsley also presented the “Tip Toe Through the Tulips: Most Whimsical” prize to Joani White.

* Paper City editor Maxine Trowbridge presented the “Best of Show” prize to Jill Rowlett.

* Jocelyn White created her own category, “Gentlemen Only,” and presented an award to Shane Walker.

You can see more photos from the Mad Hatter’s Tea in the May edition of Park Cities People.

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