Destination Imagination Team Bound For Globals

Back row: Max Law, Jack Perdue, and Mark Van Kirk; front row: Sarah Ho, Maddy Helton, and Allison Brown
Back row: Max Law, Jack Perdue, and Mark Van Kirk; front row: Sarah Ho, Maddy Helton, and Allison Brown
“Creativity to the Power of 6,” a Destination Imagination comprised of five fifth-graders from McCulloch Intermediate School and a sixth from Cistercian, competed at the state tournament last week in Austin, and they did well enough to advance to the Destination Imagination Global Finals. In late May, the team will travel to Knoxville, Tenn., where more than 1,300 teams from 45 states, seven Canadian provinces, and 13 other countries will gather to showcase their creative solutions.

The team members, who have been together since third grade at University Park Elementary, have been working on their challenge solution for most of the school year. They chose the scientific challenge — “Going to Extremes” — in which teams were asked to create an extreme environment and present a story about characters attempting to adapt to conditions in order to survive there. They were also asked to design and create a prototype of “extreme gear” and to explain the technical methods, research, and science they used to create it. In addition, the team also had to solve an unknown challenge on the spot.

Competitors are required to do all aspects of the challenges by themselves with a tight budget and without interference from adults and non-team members.

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One thought on “Destination Imagination Team Bound For Globals

  • April 18, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    I am so proud of these exceptional young people and honored to have taught Allison Brown and Mark Van Kirk in 2nd grade at University Park Elementary School. A special shout out to the families that support these kids, they are one of a kind moms and dads. Max Law, Jack Perdue and Sarah Ho have grown into outstanding members of our school district and community. I don’t know Maddy Helton, but she is in remarkable company and I am sure a huge part of the team’s success.


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