Hockaday Gets Colorful for Centennial Graduation

CM_Hockaday 1
Hockaday’s Bradley Kate Souryal waves to family and friend’s after receiving her diploma in 2010. (File Photo: Chris McGathey)

Hockadaisies have been honoring their school’s centennial all year, but graduation is an especially great time for celebrating.

“Our ceremony is steeped in tradition, and that will remain the same,” Hockaday graduate and director of communications Melissa Allan said.

Admirers of the all-girls school know the graduation garb well: white dress and white hat covered in flowers. But few may realize that in decades past, graduates got to pick their hat color — as long as it was pastel.

This year, as a special treat for the graduating class, the young ladies will once again get to pick their hat color.

“I love the reflection time during that ceremony,” Allan said.

“Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts will give the commencement address.

Year-long centennial celebrations have included a kickoff weekend, family picnic, Centennial Week, and a Daisy Dash 5K. Last month, at Hockaday’s Party of the Century, former first lady Laura Bush spoke before nearly 2,000 attendants.

“It was a wonderful celebration of all that Hockaday has accomplished over the last 100 years,” 2005 alumna Abby Hoak said.

A centennial exhibit honoring founder Ela Hockaday included her writing desk, tea sets, and book collection. She first opened the school in 1913.

“We feel like we feted the celebration appropriately,” Allan said. “It’s exciting for everyone to think about the next 100 years, which we are already doing.”

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