Local Eagle Scouts Rank High in Number

It was pastel polo shirt day.
Pastel shirts, khaki shorts, and lots of them.

The Park Cities and Preston Hollow areas are known for their high number of Eagle Scouts, so we thought this photo of graduating seniors from Troop 125 who have earned the Eagle rank was especially impressive.

UPDATE: As a commenter pointed out, there also are scouts from Troop 82 (and possibly others) in this photo as well. Congrats to all.

It’s kind of small, but the names of the deserving scouts pictured are Aaron Garrett, Alex Wells, Andrew Clyde, Austin Reichert, Ben Hamner, Bolt Parker, Clayton Murtha, Cole Feigl, Conner Rambin, Grant Allred, Grant Lake, Greyson Lawrence, Hogan Sauer, Hunter Lukken, Ike McIntosh, Jack Hrncir, Jackson Bruner, Jackson Foley, Kyle Cheves, Kyle Sliva, Martin Spradley, Mason Carr, Max Hayashi, Michael Smith, Parker McCabe, Peter Johnsen, Powell Snelling, Price Peters, Ross Burnett, Sam Malone, Spencer Hardin, Stephen Hamby, Stuart Macatee, Tanner Houghton, Thomas Burgher, Thomas Laidlaw, Tyler Killon, Will Hogan, and William Borus. Not pictured: Alex Wolf, Andrew Dalton, Carson Sieling, Gil Horn, Hank Swayze, Henry Kumpf, Jack Beitter, and Jack Laughlin.

One thought on “Local Eagle Scouts Rank High in Number

  • May 23, 2014 at 5:27 pm

    Fabulous group of boys! However, I actually think this is a picture of boys from more than one troop. There are at least 15 boys in this picture from Troop 82


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