Villalba Names Phil Collins ‘Honorary Texan’

Last week, state Rep. Jason Villalba stated his wish to file a resolution naming Phil Collins — yes, the singer — an “honorary Texan.” Why, you ask? Good question. The former Genesis frontman has donated an extensive collection of artifacts from the Battle of the Alamo back to Texas. I know, right? 

“This week many Texans learned of the extraordinary generosity – both monetary and of spirit – of Phil Collins, a legend of the music world and now in Texas history,” Villalba said in a statement.

Collins was a fan of the miniseries, “Davy Crockett,” as a kid — as I’m sure many of you were. Naturally, then, that passion led him to publish a book in 2012 called “The Alamo and Beyond: A Collector’s Journey.” 

The resolution will be filed during the 84th session of the state legislature. Collins will be invited to the floor. 

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