Park Cities to Get Jiggy With GigaPower

The name might be a little dorky, but GigaPower is coming to the Park Cities.

Highland Park and University Park are among the first locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area scheduled to get the latest high-speed Internet innovation from Dallas-based AT&T later this summer. There are no specifics on costs or restrictions yet, of course.

The connection is part of the company’s fiber-optic U-Verse network, and is supposed to increase Internet speeds to 1 gigabyte per second, which means you can access that much faster. At least that’s what we assume you’ll be doing.

The service already has launched in Austin and is slated for more municipalities through the rest of this year, as this map shows. Along with Dallas-Fort Worth, it looks like Raleigh and Winston-Salem, N.C., are up next.

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