Did You Get Another Mailer From Westcott?

The HD-108 race remains pretty quiet at the moment, now that Morgan Meyer is confirmed as the Republican candidate and Leigh Bailey is confirmed as the Democratic candidate for Dan Branch’s vacated seat. The rest of the action will have to wait until the fall.

But my colleague over at The Dallas Morning News, Melissa Repko, brought us this little tidbit of information: apparently, a Chart Westcott campaign mailer featuring a letter from supporter and honorary chairman Troy Aikman was sent out by mistake, causing some residents to think the one-time hopeful was planning to run as a write-in. This, apparently, is not the case, either. Just a little something extra for your inbox.

Update (2:28 P.M.): Westcott has informed me via Facebook message that his team has not sent out anything additional, but suspects the mailers came from an old box left at the post office months ago and just recently distributed. He then went on to express his support of Meyer.

One thought on “Did You Get Another Mailer From Westcott?

  • July 29, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    I thought I was having a bad dream and was going to wander into my yard and be greeted by 100 yard signs and over eager “volunteers” ringing my bell and telling me where to vote…..

    we did get one – I triple checked the post mark to make sure it wasnt something just lost in the mail for a while.


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