Kindness Club Starts Chain Reaction at Hyer

A group of 4th grade boys share the challenge with Ms. Carbajal's class.
A group of fourth-grade boys shares the challenge with Ms. Carbajal’s class.

After hearing about Rachel’s Challenge, a group of students from Hyer Elementary School set out to share the message.

They created the KC Club, which stands for kindness and compassion, and are striving to create a chain reaction of kindness through out the school. They went room to room last week, presenting the challenge to students.

At Hyer, the students wrote notes of compassionate deeds and formed a paper chain, symbolizing the chain reaction of kindness they hope to see.

The challenge promotes acceptance and discourages bullying. It teaches young students that kindness is not just something they do, but who they are.

Rachel Scott was the first victim in the Columbine shooting. Her father and other supporters started the program to promote kindness and compassion.

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