HPHS Students Bring Global Flair to Dance Class

Visiting instructor Sarita Venkatraman recently introduced HPHS students to Bollywood dancing.
Visiting instructor Sarita Venkatraman introduced HPHS students to Bollywood dancing. (Photo: Wylly Goodson)

Students in one dance class at Highland Park High School recently took a trip around the world. Not literally, of course, but teacher Emily Sanchez brought an international flair to her lessons during the span of a few days in late November.

Sanchez welcomed Sarita Venkatraman one day to teach the Bollywood style of dance common in films from northern India. She also incorporated colorful finger scarves, known as rumaal, and lively upbeat music into the lesson.

Outside instructors also introduced students to rhythmic dance from western Africa, highland dances of Scotland, fan dancing from China, and Spanish flamenco techniques.

The interactive demonstrations are intended to help students with their upcoming final exam, which includes integrating different styles of folk dance into unique performances with original costumes and music.

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