NAIS President Encourages More Technology in Schools

Dr. John Chubb
Dr. John Chubb

Dr. John Chubb, the president of the National Association of Independent Schools, discussed the incorporation of technology into school practices to a crowd of more than 160 educators on Monday at Lamplighter School.

Chubb emphasized that the independent school system is no different than other industries affected by technology. He encouraged the schools to get on board with the digital-age practices to ensure the best overall education for the students.

“Technology does not threaten the education of the whole, social-emotional child because education is ultimately about the whole child,” Chubb said in his presentation. “Technology will increasingly enable schools to educate students for the foreseeable future, to help them learn new skills and new ways of learning.”

Chubb addressed faculty and staff members from St. Mark’s, Hockaday, Greenhill, ESD, Alcuin, Winston, Dallas International School, Good Shepherd, St. John’s, Shelton, Lakehill, Parish Episcopal, and St. Philip’s.

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