Students Win Big With Virtual Investment

A team of fifth-graders from St. Mark’s recently placed second in the Texas Council on Economic Education’s Stock Market Game, competing with teams at other schools to earn the highest return on their portfolio.

Zack Stone, Mac McKenzie, and Will Shoup were given (an imaginary) $100,000 to invest and trade on the New York Stock Exchange over 10 weeks.

By the end of the competition, the team earned an impressive 8.9 percent return above S&P 500 growth, turning their $100,000 investment into $113,518, and placing second overall in the competition.

Success required students to research and stay up to date with companies, current events, business news, and market trends, buying and selling stocks at just the right time.

In December, the three team members were presented with certificates of achievement by Steven Cobb, director of the center for economic education at the University of North Texas.

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