Summer Camps More Necessity Than Luxury

Helene Abrams
Helene Abrams

By: Helene Abrams / Special Contributor

The costs of summer overnight camp and programs may seem daunting to many families, especially those who pay for private schools. However, for working parents, camp is not a luxury but an essential part of the summer.

With three months of summer to plan for, do you envision your child lying on the couch in front of the TV the whole time? Do you have thoughts of your teen plugged into an iPod or a book for three straight months? Or worse? It is a recurring issue for all parents, no matter what the age of their child is.

Perhaps we should rethink summer: instead of viewing it as endless hours for parents to coordinate activities, view it as part of your child’s education plan.

Summer camps and programs offer your child an opportunity for learning new skills, preparing for independence, and developing passions that may extend to future careers, or life long hobbies.

Help is readily available to families picking a sleep away camp or teen program that matches their child’s interests and needs. Tips on Trips and Camps offers the following suggestions to make summer sleep-away camps and teen programs part or your child’s education plan:

If your child…

  • Is an athlete, how about a sports specialty program to build those skills or a traveling sports trip or a program in sports management or broadcasting?
  • Loves the outdoors and has outgrown camp, how about an outdoor adventure including rock-climbing, whitewater rafting, and hiking?
  • Loves the water, how about a sailing expedition or a marine biology program or working with dolphins or sea turtles?
  • Is inquisitive about other regions of the world, how about a language immersion or cultural exploration program?
  • Has an interest in the performing arts, how about a focused program in acting, set design, dance, music or filmmaking?
  • Wants to make a difference, consider a wide range of community service or leadership programs in the US or abroad.

Summer overnight camps and teen programs are wonderful opportunities for your child to have new experiences not found in a classroom. No matter what your budget or your interest there is a summer camp or program to meet your family’s financial and educational needs.

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