What’s Your Favorite Camp Song?

Campers and former campers alike know that there’s almost no better way to psych yourself up for camp than to sing your favorite camp song.

Really, I find that any time of year is the perfect time to start belting out “There’s a Camp on the Guadalupe River…” But maybe that’s just because I loved/love camp with a singular passion usually reserved for the likes of chocolate cake.

We asked you what the lyrics to your favorite camp songs were, and perhaps because you are as camp obsessed as we are, you obliged. Here you go:

“When a Greystone Girl Goes Walking”
Camp Greystone: Tuxedo, N.C.

When a Greystone girl goes walking with her one and only man
Rest assured she’ll do the most conventional thing she can
She won’t let him hold her hand, for he might not understand
That a Greystone girl’s an angel in disguise
Camp Greystone, Camp Greystone
For the Greystone girls are angels in disguise
They all agree from Rockmont all the way to Falling Creek
That a Greystone girl’s an angel in disguise

“A Longhorn Girl”
Camp Longhorn: Burnet, Texas

Oh, when a Longhorn girl walks down the street
She’s got a look on her that’s hard to beat
She’s got that smile, that style, that winning way
And when you look at her you’ll pop your eyes and say
Now there’s a girl I’d like to know
She’s got that Longhorn spirit, pep and go, pep and go
To look at her is quite a treat
It’s hard to beat a Longhorn girl.

“On the Banks of the Guadalupe River”
Camp Mystic: Hunt, Texas

There’s a camp on the Guadalupe River
It’s the camp of my dreams
Where the whip-poor-wills blow softly and the bright moon beams
On the banks of the Guadalupe River
Hearts are loyal and true
Camp Mystic I will pledge my true and faithful love to you

“Final Vespers Song”
Brush Ranch Camp: Pecos, N.M. (Now closed)

Goodnight. Goodnight
Time sends a warning call
Sweet rest descends to all
Time, Time sends a warning call
Sweet rest descends to all.

Have a favorite camp memory? Send me your recollections by April 6 to [email protected].

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