Local Legislators Join I-635 Caucus

The “Interstate 635 East Legislative Caucus” has been formed, featuring many of our local legislators. The goal of the caucus is to resolve transportation issues in the IH-635 East corridor that stretches from US 75 to Interstate 30. Apparently, roughly 250,000 to 300,000 cars and trucks cross that road per day. Here are the involved members you might recognize:

  • Senator Don Huffines (Dallas, SD 16)
  • Representative Linda Koop (Dallas, HD 102)
  • Representative Kenneth Sheets (Dallas, HD 107)
  • Representative Jason Villalba (Dallas, HD 114)

“LBJ East is critical to finalizing the larger IH‐635 East project. The IH‐635 corridor connects all the major highways in Dallas County, making a lynchpin for mobility improvement and congestion relief,” Huffines said. “The IH‐635 East project is essential to the future job growth and prosperity in the region. It needs to be under construction as quickly as possible, and it needs to be toll free.”

Here are the parameters the caucus must follow:

  • The IH‐635 East project must be procured before the beginning of the 85th Session
  • The IH‐635 East project must be developed according to community‐preferred alternative
  • The IH‐635 East project must have an expedited construction schedule to align with the opening of the LBJ Express project
  • The IH‐635 East project needs to be developed while utilizing the economic development growth as a possible funding mechanism


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