Cooper Institute Gets $1.3 Million Donation

The Cooper Institute recently received a $1.3 million donation from the Tyler Cup Foundation.

The Tyler Cup Invitational is an annual run for men and women over 40 and in the top 10 of their companies’ leadership, intended to help participants inspire others toward healthier lifestyles. Money from the event was placed into an endowment fund called, you guessed it, the Tyler Cup Foundation.

“For more than 40 years, the Tyler Cup event has been a tradition at Cooper Aerobics demonstrating the link between fitness and leadership,” said Kenneth Cooper, founder and chairman of Cooper Aerobics. “Now that the event has literally run its course, we are thrilled that The Tyler Cup Foundation has decided to donate its endowment to The Cooper Institute to continue research on aging and living a long, healthier life.”

The donation will help fund research and education related to global health and wellness.

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