Catch Meadows Exhibit Before Closing

A photo of a work from the Abelló collection: Juan de Flandes (Flemish, c. 1465-1519), Baptism of Christ, c. 1496-1499. Oil on oak panel. P48 - 6/1986, Archive Abelló Collection (Joaquín Cortés)
Juan de Flandes, Baptism of Christ. (Joaquín Cortés)

The Meadows Museum’s Abelló Collection, the first exhibition of its kind in the U.S., will close on Aug. 2.

The four-month blockbuster exhibition features more than 100 works from the 15th to 20th centuries, including Picasso and Degas, all collected by Juan Abelló and Anna Gamazo, two of the world’s top art collectors.

The Abelló Collection: A Modern Taste for European Masters also celebrates the museum’s 50th anniversary. Information about hours and more may be found on the Meadows Museum website.

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