Juicing Boom Fuels Business That Puts Organic on the Menu

When Jessica Ventouras realized she had celiac disease, she had to give up almost all of her favorite foods.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes damage to the lining of the small intestine. The damage comes after digesting gluten, which is a form of protein found in grains.

Between her health issues and her husband’s desire for a new career, Boom Juice was created.

“[Health] is sort of a hobby of mine,” said Davio Ventouras, a Highland Park High School alumnus. “Looking into different ways nutrition can [impact] what you eat — does it really matter or is it calories in, calories out? There are all these different theories, so I was looking to do something else and this was her passion.”

Boom Juice, which is sold at the Dallas Farmers Market and Bodybar in Uptown, regularly has 33 juices on the menu.

“The main difference between us and most of the other juice bars is that we’re always organic,” Davio said. “They’re organic whenever possible. I know for a fact it’s possible to be organic every day.”

Boom Juice doesn’t just offer juices, though. Food and desserts are also on the menu, and the company caters to people on the Paleo diet, those with celiac, and customers who are sick.

“Our main customers are people that really care about the nutrition aspect,” Davio said. “We get a lot of cancer patients, a lot of people that are really sick, [or with] gastrointestinal [issues].”

The couple’s local ties run deep. Their oldest son is about to begin kindergarten at Armstrong Elementary School, making him a third generation student of that school.

The Ventourases believe in their products because they’ve seen the difference it can make firsthand. Jessica said she missed half the school year in eighth grade because of migraines. Now, while eating only Boom Juice’s foods and juices, she is migraine-free.

As for Davio, he lost 90 pounds of excess weight in eight months.

“As soon as we started going hardcore and eating only these kinds of desserts and doing the juicing, I lost [the weight] in eight months,” he said. “No exercise except walking to and from work, and that’s why I believe in this so much, is because I’ve seen the results. This really works. I’ve never felt better.”

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    Best juice by far…

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    amazing original juice blends!


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