The Latest West Nile Case is in 75225

Fight Bite MosquitoSomeone in the 75225 zip code — which includes most of University Park — has become the fourth human West Nile Virus case in the city of Dallas this year.

As usual with these disclosures, there aren’t many details, other than an initial diagnosis with West Nile Fever. Dallas County Health and Human Services is awaiting confirmation from the state, and won’t supply any more information for now.

The zip code is roughly bordered by Lovers Lane on the south, Walnut Hill Lane on the north, Dallas North Tollway on the west, and North Central Expressway on the east.

As far as spraying for mosquitoes, the city said that existing traps near the human case have not tested positive for WNV, but officials will expand surveillance and place an additional trap near the location for monitoring purposes.

One thought on “The Latest West Nile Case is in 75225

  • August 21, 2015 at 12:08 am

    Live in 75225. Last weekend I got a huge mosquito bite on back of my neck. Within a short time, I was so very sick. Scary sick. Severe flue like symptoms. Barely able to walk. Now realize it was West Nile Virus..not flu, because I recovered within a few days. Called Dr today just to report case and they said I would need blood work. Probably too late but hesitant to say I had it because of push back. Definitely had it. Anyone else out there sitting quietly by because they don’t want criticism?


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