Saint Bernard Sports Gets A Name Change

You might notice something different about Saint Bernard Sports. No, I’m not misspelling it. That’s the change. Gone is the familiar St. Bernard Sports, with it’s abbreviated state. In an effort to broaden the range of the store’s very purpose, the sports retailer has lengthened the name to its proper spelling.

Wes Goyer and his wife Anne began the retail company in 1978 to reflect their love for skiing and adventure. Since then the store has expanded to three stores between Dallas and Austin, and an e-commerce site and continues to focus on helping families enjoy the outdoors in style. Originally a vendor of solely ski paraphernalia, clients can shop at Saint Bernard and find the top designers for winter sports, along with swim, hiking, active and sportswear.

No worries. The name change does not change the atmosphere customers have grown accustomed to over the past 38 years since Saint Bernard’s inception.

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