Local Realtor Creates a Hub for Hip-Pocket Listings

By Diana Oates
Special Contributor

When making moves in a real-estate market as competitive as Dallas, both the agent and the client are constantly seeking a competitive edge.

The agent wants to find, show, and sell properties that are hard to find and impossible to pass up. And while buyers often want the same, sometimes the sellers are not so black-and-white, on occasion opting for a more private experience.

You got it — this means attempting to sell a home before it officially hits the market. This daunting dilemma pops up more and more in this healthy housing market and can prove exhausting for all parties involved.

That is where The Unlisted comes in. This hub for hip-pocket listings is a website designed for agents and brokers to share properties that have yet to, or will never, hit MLS.

Allie Beth Allman agent Daylon Pereira came up with the idea as a direct result of needing a better way to share and find listings. He set out to create a site that holds the business of real estate to a higher standard in regards to how information is shared.

“At any given time, there are more than 500 hip pockets in Dallas alone,” Pereira said. “In a market lacking MLS inventory, we need a place to share these listings while respecting our clients’ requests for confidentiality and non-disclosure.”

To join, all a new member has to do is provide broker information and once verified, they have full access to search, post, share, and email listings within the site. Any property, and its photos, maps and video links, can be added as long as it has yet to hit MLS.

“As a user, you essentially get an in-house marketing team almost free,” Pereira said.

Since its market launch in February, the site has developed a following from realtors like Debbie Ingram, who used The Unlisted to share a multi-million dollar home for her client that sold within days.

Currently, The Unlisted is only populated by North Texas properties, but expansion plans are in the works. So far, 600 agents and brokers have signed up.

“We plan to expand to all major metropolitan cities in the United States, beginning in Austin and Houston,” Pereira said. “We are constantly improving and fine-tuning the site’s abilities.”

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