Get Those Eyebrows in Shape for a New Year


Throw away that eyebrow pencil and get rid of those tweezers! Enlighten MD is offering the latest trend in eyebrow maintenance – microblading. Also referred to as eyebrow embroidery, etching, or feathering, microblading is a semi-permanent pigmentation process that uses several tiny blades to give thickness, shape, color, and definition to eyebrows.

Unlike traditional cosmetic tattoos that are applied to the dermis, a deeper layer of skin, microblading is applied to the epidermis, a layer of skin closer to the surface.

This technique gives the hair strokes a more natural, fine, feathered look and lasts for up to one year. This method uses 100 percent natural pigments that are matched specifically to each person’s skin and brow color.

People who have thinning eyebrows, patches of undergrowth or overgrowth, or even people suffering from skin conditions such as alopecia will greatly benefit from the self confidence that is instilled with the prefect eyebrows framing their face.

Join the #EyebrowsOnFleek trend and get your eyebrows shaped by two trained specialists at Enlighten MD. Call 214-964-0860 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Enlighten MD: 5232 Forest Lane, Suite 170, Dallas, TX 75244

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