Boutique Bonds Family Together

While working with family isn’t always coming up roses, the owners of Urban Manor, a home décor and floral shop in Snider Plaza, are making it work.

The store brings together the different tastes and combined visions of Kurt Haymond and his children. After working as a visual director for several years, Kurt wanted to try something different. With his children, Ariel, a hair and makeup artist, and Dylan, an actor, he opened Urban Manor.

The store employs an in-house florist to make all the floral arrangements. Its wide assortment of vases complement the high-end picture frames, jewelry, pillows, and other home décor items.

“Ariel loved the idea of flowers and I actually liked the idea of flowers,” Kurt said. “I know flowers are happy and they make people happy, but I love the idea of home and gift — really home even more than gift, but with the flower shop, I thought, ‘Oh, we should sell candles and we should sell pictures frames and all that.’ Home is really where my heart.”

Once they settled on the concept and signed the lease, Kurt and Dylan began renovating the space. Together, they worked through the summer.

Urban Manor also sells artwork. In the back of the store, there is a staircase leading to a room housing a couch with pillows, while art hangs on the wall. Ariel is the artist.
“Dad’s been stealing my art since I was little,” she joked.

Urban Manor carries a wide variety of brands, including Olivia Riegel picture frames and accessories; Calypso Blue Organics anti-aging and skincare products; Ibolili eco-friendly home goods; and Ambella Home Collection furniture for every room.

The family members said they have enjoyed working together, even if they joke and hold friendly arguments about who likes to be right. But the idea of family is what drew them to Snider Plaza in the first place.

“We love this area,” Ariel said. “It’s such a great family-oriented place and we are obviously family-oriented.”

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