Brewer Faces Sanctions, Ethics Training

Bill Brewer

Preston Hollow trial lawyer Bill Brewer faces time in ethics training and $133,000 in sanctions after State District Judge Ruben Reyes declared that Brewer tried to influence potential jurors through a push poll in a wrongful death and products liability case, the Texas Lawbook and Dallas Morning News reports.

The case in question was Teel vs. Titeflex Corp, with Brewer representing Titeflex. In 2014, The Teel family alleged the company’s steel pipelines led to a gas explosion that killed their son, Brennan Teel.

In 2012, the parties settled for an undisclosed amount, according to the DMN.

Brewer was a naming partner in the Bickel & Brewer firm until last year when partner John Bickel retired, and the firm rebranded as Brewer Attorneys and Counselors.


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