Here Are Colors to Consider in 2016

I like to think that Pickard Design Studio is always ahead of the curve when designing our projects and setting design trends before they hit the masses.

I have been writing about and using Rose Quartz and Serenity in my projects for over a year now — from cabinet hardware to lamps, table bases to fabrics, and wall coverings to furniture, these colors are everywhere in both design and fashion. Did you know engagement rings are even now made in Rose Quartz?

So it makes sense that Pantone announced Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colors of 2016. If you’re familiar with Pantone’s previous colors of the year, you’ll know that this is the first time they have announced two colors. Let’s take a look at why these colors are deserving of the title in 2016.

Rose Quartz

I am the first to admit I love to combine metals in every project, but the addition of Rose Quartz is a contrast. It softens our old best friends of brushed and polished chrome.

Rose Quartz is the unexpected piece of jewelry that every room needs and deserves. It’s the accent that brings the outfit, or room, together.


The addition of the beautiful, cool Serenity blue speaks for itself and the calming qualities it has when combined with the warm rose gold.

You can’t help but think of the sky when you see this color, giving your space an open and airy feel. A soothing color, it truly earns its name of “serenity.”

Putting them together

My very basic design tip regarding color is never fear combining warm and cool colors together. By combining colors, hues, and tones that are warm and cool, you start to see depth in a room, and rooms start to have an airiness about them.

The combination of these colors brings a calmness, as if you are at the beach during sunset, with the light pink sand against the blue water. Blending these two colors together, let your rooms in 2016 be like your oasis.

Park Cities native Sarah Pickard is the president of Pickard Design Studio.

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